Last Saturday when I was at my parents looking for my external USB modem I also came across two (yes you read it correctly) AmigaDE SDK boxes. I had to think about it again just now being in Thailand. Back in the days when my wife and I lived here I bought the HP iPAQ because of the AmigaDE. It was going to run on handhelds which was the reason I bought it. I already had the SDK before I moved to Thailand. Actually I bought the SDK the minute it came out. Like I mentioned before I have two SDK boxes. The reason for this was that with the second box you got the discount voucher for 100 dollars on Amiga OS4. I am not sure if the famous t-shirt was also part of this. I still have the voucher and info at my place in Holland so I will look it up when I come back. Also the SDK was expensive so I did pay a small fortune for all of this. I can’t help thinking what in the hell I was thinking buying this let alone believe this could ever amount to something. It must have been Amiga love and devotion. When I am back home I will take some pictures of all this stuff and post it here.

The iPAQ serves us rather well. It still works and my wife uses it as a glorified MP3 player when she is on the road. It was and still is a big part of our family. Another good thing that came out of the iPAQ was the introduction to KenRadio. There are periods I don’t listen to the show but after some time I get back to listen them daily. Hmm come to think of it when I am back home I will listen to them again daily. Ken Rutkowski hosts the show together with Andy Abramson. These two guys know what they are talking about and made me love technology even more.