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CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990

The one thing from this disk that I remember vividly is the Flood demo. Throwing those hand grenades was the coolest thing you could do.  

I should have the disk somewhere but it would not surprise me if I used it for another game or program. Disks did not come cheap so whatever you did not really need you used to copy something else on. I still try to remember if I have the magazine. It must be somewhere together with all the other magazines. 


You can download the coverdisk from Amiga Magazine Rack.

CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990 - Flood

CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990 – Flood grenade

I played the Flood demo a lot. I remember that at one point all I did was throw those grenades. But Flood is a good platformer and certainly something you would play again. The great thing about these demos is that you get a good feel of the game before you part with your cash. 

CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990 – The Plague title

The Plague is not really my kind of game. I played the demo a couple of times and I even might have played the full version a couple of times. CU Amiga did gave it the highest rating of the ones I could find. Mark Winstanley from Amiga Power describes it as… “The Plague? I’d rather have tetanus”. 

After writing about ACE Basic in the previous column and that I would like to do some tutorials about it I decided to start anyway without waiting if there is any interest for it. At the moment the first one is already done and posted and more will follow. Next up is a new C tutorial which I am planning to post this week. Since I focussed on the programming tutorials the past week my work on the Redhouse File Manager has been reduced to zero. I hope to start doing some more work on it the coming weeks but also get more tutorials out. Another great surprise is that I finally found that demo I was looking for. The search was long but finally I found it which made my weekend.



A site that you should visit is Amiga Magazine Rack which contains scans of several Amiga magazines. Besides that there is also information on the cover disks that came with the magazines and in some cases you can also download them. From all the cover disks I had I remember two games vividly that had a demo version on those disks that I played a lot. Those two games are Back to the Future II and Flood. I downloaded the Amiga Power 33 (Jan 1994) cover disk that contained the Terminator 2 (The Arcade Game) demo.


Amiga Power33 (Jan 1994) cover disk


Terminator 2 (Arcade Game) demo


The site is certainly a time killer as there is so much to explore. It seems my Sunday afternoon is booked.